Hotmelt adhesives are based on different raw materials and are processed when hot.

Most common are adhesives based on ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) that pertain to thermoplastics and can therefore be repeatedly melted.

Adhesives based on polyurethane (PUR<) on the other hand harden chemically and ensure a lasting bond.

Both types are used on edgebanding machines for the bonding of plastic, paper and veneer edgings.

Depending on the type of machine, the use of granules or the relevant hotmelt adhesive cartridges is necessary.

If the bonding is particularly demanding, you should choose a PUR hotmelt adhesives. This reactive adhesive does not only set physically by solidifying, it reacts chemically with the humidity of the surrounding air as well as the remaining humidity in the workpiece.

Moreover, the glue line will be more resistant against solvents and cleaners.

  • EVA Hotmelt adhesives
  • UF Adhesives
  • Pur Adhesives