We carefully select raw materials to offer the best to our customers.

With service, diversity and speed, we want to offer our customers in furniture making and the industry the best possible support.

Assistance and after sales service are at first. We guarantee assistance throughtout our national territory thanks to our qualified sales experts , who will meet you regularly and propose you customized solutions according to your needs.

Monguzzi company was founded in 1982 in Bovisio Masciago, a little town in the heart of rural Brianza, by two brothers, Luigi and Enrico Monguzzi.

The core business was the resale of edgings made of CPL, melamine or ABS and of glues for industrial use.

A few years later the second unit was founded; this was entirely dedicated to the manufacturing of real wood edgings.

The growth and continuous development of the business have led the company to quickly become an important point of reference in the sector of accessories for the furniture industry.

In 2016 Monguzzi hired new employees and added new partners to increase its team.

In 2017 Monguzzi Digital Printing was born in the name of innovation.

In 2018 the installation of ABS extrusion lines has stated the birth of Monguzzi Plastics Extrusion. Today, Monguzzi is one of the leading Italian edgings manufacturing companies: besides the plastic and veneerd, a wide range of new products have been introduced, following a path of technological innovation and aesthetic and functional research.