Who we are

“The future written in our roots”

Respect for tradition in a new productive vanguard style: the distinctive mark of a company that works with an eye to the future.

The value considered fundamental for the company is the artisanal quality, deriving from the link between territory and their roots, applied to technology.

This has lead the company to a steady growth in a short time becoming always much more competitive than before, until becoming leader in its national market for components of furniture and, thanks to the implementation of its productive capabilities, land on the European market.

The production of edgebandings and wrapping products for profiles and the punctual service of delivery to the customer are not considered the end goal by the company. The customer service before and after sale are, in fact, considered only one in the plethora of keystones that the company’s philosophy is based upon, since it has always been at the customer service with a sign of quality.

The productive efficiency is accompanied by the rigid company politics for safety on the work place and care for the environment; the company boast, in this merit, the FSC® Certification.

Born in Bovisio Masciago in 1982 in the middle of rural Brianza, by two brothers Luigi and Enrico Monguzzi, the company has made a name for itself very rapidly in the national market of furniture components.

Today the reality is led by the second generation that brings forward the project created by the two founders with pride and enthusiasm. The people who inherited the company today believe in the constant betterment and in the synergy of different competences and ideas to create value in time, embracing what C. Darwin said best about mutation: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change”.