We have always paid great attention to improving our quality standards, without compromising on environmental protection and its sustainability.

Our wood products (edgings and sheets) boast the prestigious international certification FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council®.

The FSC logo, recognized as the symbol of responsibly managed forests, guarantees that our wood products are made of recycled raw materials, that is with low environmental impact, and they come from certified and controlled sources.

The COC (Chain of Custody) certification guarantees the traceability of the certified “wood” raw material within the supply chain transformation process; it is synonymous with safe and certified origin.


Our production philosophy is based on the notions of environment and recycling.

We take care of the environment and look for new sustainable products.

Our production model is based on the recovery and reuse of secondary raw materials that can live again by the employment of an economically and ecologically sustainable process.

Monguzzi ABS Greenlife is our new range of ISCC PLUS certified ABS edgings

ABS deriving from bio-circular raw materials is used in our production process together with traditional one.

Our Greenlife products are provided with a sustainability declaration indicating the amount of bio-circular component. They guarantee identical performance, quality and properties, as they do not differ in chemical composition and physical-mechanical performance from our standard products.