Contact adhesives are fast-drying glues which provide the advantage of high initial streng

The aim is to provide a high-strength join or connection between two surfaces with the result of a strong bond that will last.

Contact adhesives are ideal for bonding flexible materials such as rubber, leather, linoleum, carpet and plastic laminates on rigid substrates, such as wood, metal, glass, plaster.

Both surfaces to be bonded must be coated and the adhesive dried. Coated surfaces bond immediately on contact so care needs to be taken in positioning the substrates prior to contact since re-positioning is nearly impossible.

Contact adhesives are available in both solvent based and water based dispersion systems.

Solvent based systems dry faster and allow bonds to be made more quickly. Adhesive can be applied by spray or roller and drying is accelerated by use of a drying oven.

Contact adhesives are used extensively to assemble counter tops, building panels, furniture, and side panels for recreational vehicles.