Veneer Edgebandings

Starting from veneer sheets, Monguzzi makes bars or rolls of variable length and width depending on the customer necessity.

Available in all wood varieties, the thickness of the veneer edgebaning can vary from 0,4 mm supported by fleece, that improves resistance and flexibility, up to 3 mm. When requested, Monguzzi produces the thickness, for rolls and bars, by gluing together more layers of veneers for a much more solid result.

Monguzzi includes in its catalogue the production of particular edgebandings:

  • OSB edgebandingOriented Standard Board: the stratification of wood chips, prevalently long and narrow assembled with adhesive.
  • Timber edgebanding – obtained by cutting perpendicularly the section of the trunk, when applied to the panel recreates the effect of timber boards.
  • Flexible edgbandingthin but extremely resistant, is the ideal edgebanding for rebated doors, door frames and frames.
  • Multiplex edgebanding – the longitudinal layering of veneer stripes gives a unique optical effect.

The service for the veneer edgebanding is complete and versatile, on demand we offer:

  • sanding: the material is sanded to reach the desired thickness and gives an optimal preparation for next phases
  • jointing: the material are glued with special polyurethane glues (veneer-veneer, veneer – fine line, veneer – paper, veneer – melamine, etc) to reach the desired thickness
  • fleece application: the material is glued with fleece for better flexibility and resistance
  • brushing: the material is brushed with iron to open the pore of the veneer, exalting the natural structure.
  • painting and varnishing: the material is prepared with a transparent coat for varnishing, if required the material can be stained in order to imitate other wood varieties
  • side jointing: the material is prepared with the pores perpendicular to the length of the board, creating a particular effect and liked for exclusives working phases.

Always taking care of its customers’ needs, Monguzzi offers the service of manufacturing the edgebanding with customer material.

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