ABS Edgebandings

ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a plastic compound free from chloride, thermal resistant, hydro repellent and eco-friendly for it can be regenerated, and it has high chemical and mechanical resistance.

The ABS has been utilized with success for the last 20 years in the furniture industry thanks to its characteristics in particular its ease of application.

Available in rolls with variable lengthy and width – from 0,4 to 3 mm – meeting the customer needs, the ABS edgebanding is also supplied by Monguzzi in the soft variant: adding plasticizer is perfect for door handles and tight radius jobs.

Monguzzi Bordi ensures a wide variety of solid colors and woodprints available in warehouse, the constant evolution of the market and the customer specific requests have broadened the already wide catalogue of colors available.

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