Monguzzi Digital Printing

“You only need an idea, Monguzzi Digital Printing will make it reality for you”

In response to the market trends, the exclusive printing system Monguzzi Digital Printing represents the last frontier in ABS printing, making every design extremely realistic.

The innovative and vanguard machinery guarantee exceptional results in the exact reproduction of details and designs on your edgebandings, exalting the value of your products.

The absolute customization of every proposition is the real advantage that designer and architects find in digital printing, capable of producing products with unique designs: the high definition printing at 400 dpi, the CMYK color platform and UV cured varnishes guarantee perfect results.

Digital printing satisfies the virtually limitless needs and can be printed up to a maximum width of 360 mm.

With Monguzzi Digital Printing, the edgebanding will be your unique detail with no compromises on quality, guaranteed by the extreme precision of every detail and the incredible reproduction of natural design of every kind ranging from woods to stones.

The capabilities of this technology are virtually limitless; the only limit is your creativity.