Anti-adhesives and Cleaners

Not only does Monguzzi Bordi provide its clientele with glues but also with specific products for maintenance of edgebanders and cleaners for surfaces.

These products are formulated so that there are no solid deposits and glue residue on the entire edgebanders line, therefore granting minimal maintenance and a longer life for the mechanical parts.

The antiadhesives and cleaners are distinguished in:

  • Transparent Antiadhesive MA1: to be utilized at the start of the edgebander, it avoids excessive glue from sticking to the board surface
  • Green Antiadhesive MA2: it avoids excessive glue from sticking to the pressure rolls and eases the working tools on surfaces with protective film
  • Blue Antiadhesive MA3: disperse the electrostatic charge and cools down the glue line for a faster hardening
  • Pink Antiadhesive MP4: used to clean finished board with the help of brushes on the edgebanders resulting in a cleaner board
  • universal cleaner PMU: to be used on the surfaces in order to eliminate any residue of glue.